How do I change the PHP version of my Website?

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Once you are logged into your redIT Hosting Control Panel from the left hand menu bar expand the “WWW” section and click on the ‘WWW-domains‘ item.

From the ‘WWW-domains‘ page select the website that you wish to change the PHP version for and click on the ‘Edit‘ button from the top menu.

Within the domain edit screen you should be able to locate the ‘Additional features‘ section (you can collapse or expand each of the sections by clicking on the section heading).

Under the ‘PHP version (CGI)‘ option you will be able to select the currently available versions of PHP. Once this has been selected click on the ‘Ok‘ button you should now be returned to the ‘WWW-domains‘ page.

Please note: the change of PHP version is not instant and may take a moment to complete fully.