Virtual Private Server (VPS) Reverse DNS (rDNS)

Please Note: We can not change rDNS on our Shared Web Hosting Platform.

you order a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with redIT you will be given
an IPv4 Address and a IPv6 Address Range (a /112 block).

By default these address will have the Reverse DNS Entry set to something like:

If you need to change the Reverse DNS (rDNS) entry for either of you IPv4 or IPv6 Address you will need to Open a Ticket
under the DNS Support department stating both the IP Address that you
would like to change and what you would like to change the record too.

For example:  to  example.com

Our network team will then check your records and update the DNS Zone file as needed or contact you to confirm your request.

More information about rDNS can be found at: