How to Enable or Disable Domain Auto Renewal

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If you have a domain name registered with us here at redIT you have the option of having the domain automatically renewed for you before it is due to expire.

If you do not wish to have Auto Renewal enabled we will still eMail you 60 days before the domain is due to expire giving you time to either renew the domain with us or to move the domain to a different registrar if you should wish to do so.

To enable or disable Domain Auto Renewal please follow these steps:

1> From within the redIT Customer Portal click on the ‘Domains’ box

2> From the ‘My Domains’ page click on the down arrow next to the spanner on the domain that you are wanting to enable/disable Auto Renewal for, and then click on the ‘Auto Renewal Status’

3> Depending on the current status of the ‘Auto Renewal’ you will either have the option to ‘Enable Auto Renew’ or the option to ‘Disable Auto Renew’

Once Auto Renewal is enabled we will still eMail to inform you that the Domain is due for renewal, but once we get to the raising of an invoice for your domain renewal we will automatically attempt to take payment from your preferred payment option.