How to Transfer a .uk domain to redIT

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You already own a domain name but its currently registered with a different Domain Name Registrar and you would now like to move this registration to us at redIT.

This can be done via a Domain Transfer request which you will need to log into your redIT Customer Portal Account at 

Once you are logged in from the top menu select the ‘Domains’ menu item and then click on the ‘Transfer Domains to Us’ option.

On the following screen you will be asked to enter the domain name that you are looking to Transfer to redIT along with an Authorisation Code you do not need for any of the .uk Domains.

You can now click on  the ‘Add to Cart’ button you will now be shown the ‘Domain Configuration’ screen where you are required to ensure that the details passed to the UK Registration Authority are correct.

If you are hosting your website with us or we have already created a Domain DNS File for you please make sure that the Name Servers are set to:

If however, you have your web site or services with a different provider please make sure that you change the Nameserver entries to reflect this.

Please review the details and click ‘Checkout’ there is no fee or automatic domain renewal for transferring an of the .uk domains.

The final step is to let you old Domain Registrar know that you are transferring your .uk Domain Name to a new provider some allow you to do this via their control panels but most require you to contact them either by eMail or Phone.

Whichever way you are required to contact them you will be asked for the TAG of your new registrar.

The tag for redIT is – REDIT